Words & Images, Spring 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Land Mine Awareness

"Emina Uzicanin was just 5 years old. Her family was living on the outskirts of Sarajevo. On a sunny afternoon in May, Emina was playing in a field behind her Uncle’s house. There, she spotted two little rabbits. As soon as she started toward them, the rabbits took off. So she began running. Five feet. Ten feet. That’s when it happened. An ear-shattering explosion ripped through Emina’s body — severing her left leg and leaving the rest of her badly scarred. Every 22 minutes another innocent civilian is killed or maimed by a land mine. Right now there are over 60 million unexploded land mines waiting just beneath the earth in nearly 70 countries. We need your help to rid the planet of land mines and to help its victims". Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

When I was looking for a awareness subject for my blog, I saw this poster and didn't have to look any further. There are things happening somewhere in the world that we don't know. We feel safe in our room, house, neighborhood, city, state, country, that's what Emina thought before she lost her leg. There are several posters and each represents a young person with what a land mine took away from them. The above image is so powerful and sad, it has Emina's story written in a place where her leg is suppose to be. 


  1. Haunting. I love the type treatment. As an image, the type really speaks volumes about what is being said.

  2. Eye-catching and startling. I like the use of the outlined missing limb to hold the text.