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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tropicana's new dress

Show & Tell 6

I think I remember seeing this on TV, when Tropicana changed their package design. This is an example where I see a great and smooth transition, yet updated and fresh without loosing too much of their branding identity. I love the image of an orange with a straw in it, how clever. One of my friend’s three year old has actually stuck a straw in his orange playing one day and according to my friend, strangely enough there were plenty of juice they got out of the orange through the straw.  
  I also love the brighter orange color and the updated logo, however I do miss one small detail from the old packaging—the twist cap, which looked like a half of an orange. 
                    New                                                                     Old

Not always updating company’s logo or packaging can be successful. Most of you remember when a few years ago Starbucks decided to update their logo to what they were claiming an original logo from when the Starbucks was born. Apparently it didn’t go so well since they had to switch the logo back. 


  1. This is very interesting! I never saw that older Starbucks logo before. It's very complicated and I'm glad they stuck with the green one in the end. As for the Tropicana packaging, I agree that the new design is very fresh and light, while it still maintains their old identity. Good decision on their part.

  2. I am glad that Starbucks has updated their logo but I do not think the new Tropicana container is successful. The new juice container is hard to read the information and at first glance it is difficult to tell that it is a glass of oj.

  3. I agree with Kmrlax. The Tropicana has so many different varieties of orange juice and the old version allows customers to see the difference.

    Side note-Is it just me but does the old Starbucks logo look creepy?

  4. I also had the Tropicana package on my blog,and while i think it was effective, I still think it was too much of a change from the previous. It was almost like is this the same orange juice. The straw in the orange is what you know Tropicana for and as c consumer I felt somewhat betrayed.